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Write once,
Run on the desktop and the web!

And, cut your IT budget into half! Forms/Everywhere (or Forms/E in short) is a Microsoft .NET based framework that allows developers to write their applications only once, and run them both on the desktop and the web.

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Get the Blazing power of C++ with the Simplicity of using .NET

Love the raw power of native C++? Yet love the ease of using C# .NET? Blaze++ .NET is a native (or standard) C++ based framework that brings the raw power of native C++ with the simplicity of using .NET framework

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Play RAD in Visual C++
Build native C++ applications faster

With RadVC, Visual C++ finally gets "visual". RadVC is a Microsoft Visual Studio Add - In that allows a native C++ programmer to work in a true RAD environment. RadVC is available in all major versions of Visual C++
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