Forms Everywhere
Write once, Run on the Desktop and the Web

Forms Everywhere (or Forms/E in short) is a revolutionary Microsoft .NET based framework that lets developers write their applications once and run them everywhere: on the desktop as a standalone application, or on the web browser as a web application.

Forms/E framework provides developers and end users many advantages. Here are a few of them:

Slash Your IT Budget Dramatically
With Forms/E, developers do not need to re-write their applications for their respective web or desktop counterparts. With a single - click build, the other application will be ready instantly. The Forms/E designer will let the developers test and debug their applications throughout the development process.
No New Learning Curve:
Since the Forms/E framework based pages are only written using pure C#/VB .NET code, developers of Forms/E framework do not need to learn any web client related technologies, such as HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS etc. Forms/E runtime engine will perform the hard work behind the scene in rendering the client-side script.
Truly Object Oriented:
In traditional ASP.NET, page inheritance is not very clean. In order to inherit a new page from a base page, developers need to copy the static contents (HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc.) from the base page to the derived page. In contrast to this traditional ASP.NET pages, Forms/E pages do not have any design time static code; all code consists of pure C#/VB .NET code. This makes the derivation of new pages from the base pages a breeze.
Designed for Security:
Forms/E framework have been designed with the web security in mind. Since developers do not need to write client side scripts, the web application pages are less prone to security vulnerability. Furthermore, since all code resides on the server, they go through strict validation checking during rendering by the Forms/E runtime.
Rich Client User Experience:
Most Forms/E web controls are designed using client side Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology. Thus Web pages designed with Forms/E framework provide high performance responsiveness, similar to that of rich client desktop applications.
Ease of Use
The Forms/E  add-In provides full design-time support for developing Forms/E based web application pages. Since the form designer is based on the popular Windows.Forms object model, it is extremely easy to design web applications very quickly. The properties, methods and events of all Forms/E classes are the same as the corresponding classes in Microsoft .NET's Windows.Forms namespace. Thus desktop application developers will find themselves at home while using Forms/E framework.

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