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Enhanced IntelliSense

RadVC's enhanced IntelliSense offers many features that increase developer productivity to a new level.

Unlike other commercial IntelliSense technologies, RadVC's IntelliSense do not replace but extends Visual C++'s superior built-in IntelliSense technologies, thus you can still use many useful features such as "Auto Complete", "Parameter list" etc.

Here is a list of features that RadVC's IntelliSense adds to Visual C++ IDE:


(1) Properties / Methods of RAD C++ Controls: Like other RAD

See also: Creating and using RAD C++ controls is as easy as 1-2-3

(2) Resource on the Fly: RadVC lets you add new resource just by typing resource prefix anywhere in your code editor. The prefixes for "bitmap", "Icon", "Cursor" and "String" are "IDB_", "IDI_", "IDC_" and "IDS_" respectively. Here is a typical example of adding new bitmap resource.

wpeD.jpg (6027 bytes)

Once the menu "<Add New Bitmap>" is selected, RadVC will display an enhanced "File Open" dialog. In this dialog, the user can select the bitmap file to add and also the ID (an IDB_) name for the bitmap (picture below).

whatsn4.jpg (28440 bytes)

The user then can also select a bitmap resource from the list of existing bitmaps (picture below).

rofly.jpg (12035 bytes)

This IntelliSense works with any kind of VC++ supported resource. Here is an example of selecting an "Icon" resource "on the fly".

wpe6.jpg (8248 bytes)

And here is an example of a text string

wpeB.jpg (9082 bytes)

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(3) Hungarian Notation:



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