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RAD C++ Control Development Kit (CDK)

Creating and Using RAD C++ Controls are as Easy as 1-2-3

In this page you will learn how to create and use a RAD C++ control in RadVC environment. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create, package, deploy and use an example C++ control called "Circle".

"Circle" is a simple Windows control that draws a circle in its client area. You will learn how to create this control and then modify its behavior by adding some properties, methods and events to it. Once you have developed the control, we will show you how to publish the control  by creating a package (setup) file.

Part 1: Creating a Skeleton RAD C++ Control
Part 2: Testing the New Control
Part 3: Examining Control Code
Part 4: Drawing on the New Control
Part 5: Adding a Property to the New Control
Part 6: Adding an Event to the New Control
Part 7: Adding a Method to the New Control
Part 8: Adding Resources to the New Control
Part 9: Testing the Modified Control
Part 10: Creating an ActiveX Control from the C++ Control
Part 11: Creating the Setup (Package / Assembly) File for the Control
Part 12: Deploy / Install the Control.


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