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RFC - RAD Foundation Class


What is RFC?
RFC (RAD Foundation Class) is a MFC - based framework. RFC provides a number of C++ classes that are used by RadVC's standard form and controls. The properties, methods and events of RFC forms and controls are 100% compatible with that found in Visual Basic. Click here to view RFC's class hierarchy chart.
Do I Need to Understand RFC to Program in RadVC?
No, It is not essential to understand RFC framework in order to use RadVC. You can perfectly "program Visual C++ in Visual Basic - way" and hence create powerful Windows applications in C++ without even knowing the name of a single RFC class. However, a clear understanding of RFC framework will help you to create your own C++ classes based on RFC framework and to debug RFC - based applications better. Also if  this is the first time you are programming in C++, RFC framework may serve you as a gateway to the world of object oriented programming.
Can I Statically Link RFC Library with my Application?
Yes you can. Please visit this page to know more on how to build and use RFC static libraries.

(Please note that RFC static libraries are only available in the registered version [RadVC 1.2])

Can I Program in RadVC without Using RFC?
Yes, you can. For this, you need to do the followings:
(1) Do not use RadVC's "New Project" wizard to create a new project. Instead, create your projects using one of MFC's AppWizard options (.exe, for example). Also do not create a new form using RadVC's "New Form" option.
(2) Do not use any of the standard controls that appear in the RadVC toolbox. These controls are based on RFC library. In fact, if you want to, you can entirely remove these controls from the RadVC toolbox. Click here to find how you can do this.
(3) Create or insert some RAD C++ control in the toolbox. Check the CDK section to know how you can create a RAD C++ control in RadVC. Also visit the Sample section to download some commonly used RAD C++ controls that you can insert into the RadVC toolbox. Use these controls in the windows of your project.




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